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Facilitates the Systematic Approach to Training (SAT) process:
  • Supports Analysis - Design - Development activities.
  • Establishes a "living database" foundation for training systems.
  • Meets regulatory standards for instructional design quality in high consequence industries.
Connects seamlessly to the VISION database foundation:
  • Deploy on-line tests, course materials, job qualifications.
  • Launch and manage evaluations, student feedback, surveys.
  • Track student progress, qualifications, expirations.
  • Complete LMS or "middleware" between VISION and your enterprise LMS.
Help transform your program to a standards-compliant, high quality training system:
  • Migrate disconnected/incomplete training data into VISON as a sustainable, "living database" foundation.
  • Help bring your foundation up to high quality instructional design standards.
  • Provide SAT implementation plans and ongoing consulting services.
Since 1985, Focus Learning Corporation has been helping organizations implement SAT based training programs in environments where human performance is the critical ingredient to safe and reliable operations.

Using VISION's unique capabilities, we can quickly bring your training program into compliance with PER-005, fully automate SOCCED exchanges, and easily generate the documentation needed to respond to all audit requests.

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