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Add dynamic, virtual content to your SAT foundation

Adding the VISION-PLANTTM interface will take your training program to the next level by connecting virtual and interactive content directly to your learning objectives. Our partner, Accelerant Solutions, provides implementation support to ensure you get the most out of your SAT and VR investments.

Develop objective based VR in PLANTTM
See your VISION objectives in PLANTTM
Select and link the objective
Develop linked VR content
Add PLANTTM VR content to VISION objectives
From the VISION objective, open PLANTTM
Create or select VR content
VISION and PLANTTM “remember” the link to facilitate future editing
Deploy VR integrated with your curriculum
Design your training to make the best use of VR
Integrate the pieces in VISION Developer
Deliver the package seamlessly with VLS
Result: higher impact VR tied to critical job tasks